We are New England natives, and have witnessed the changing fortunes of the Boston venture community over time. 

It is our view that the Massachusetts technology ecosystem is at a unique inflection point.  The hard work of the Bay State’s research centers is producing new and exciting waves of technology in sectors such as robotics, machine learning, big data, sensors and wearables, internet security and clean energy. Given the region’s resources in terms of technology research centers, abundance of qualified engineers, sale and marketing talent, superior educational institutions and, most importantly, the region’s expertise in technological sectors that are now becoming mainstream and commercialized, we believe that the region is poised for great success.

We intend to capitalize on that opportunity in a very focused way.  The funding gap that we perceive to exist at very early stages offers significant opportunity for investors to generate superior returns by providing capital to young companies at attractive valuations. 

Beyond the fundamental investment opportunity, we intend to support the local early-stage venture capital community with funding to improve and strengthen the local ecosystem.  Massachusetts contains the green shoots of innovation, but cannot properly cultivate them without capital.  Flooding our local economy with creative startups raises the chance that real breakthroughs will happen, get funded, take root, and ultimately grow into large employers.