Venture capital is our sole investment focus at Tiger Iron and we are incredibly passionate about it. Collectively, our team has been involved in the venture sector for over 65 years. Many of our managers have chosen to partner with us because we are knowledgeable, thoughtful investors who truly understand the ins and outs of the venture industry.

We also understand the factors that make for successful venture opportunities and have an efficient, repeatable process that enables our team to get to decisions quickly.


Who we Invest In

Tiger Iron endeavors to invest in the best venture capital firms in the world. We are fortunate to have partnered with many elite managers, several of which have become perennial powerhouses within the world of venture capital. Those relationships have given our investors exposure to some of the most transformational companies ever created.

We seek to invest in venture firms focused on formative stages of company development. While our portfolio skews toward the early stages, we also invest in multi-stage funds with a proven ability to build a portfolio of truly ground-breaking companies. In addition, we have the flexibility to be an additional source of downstream capital for venture firms as a co-investment partner whenever those opportunities arise and can be mutually beneficial.  

Tiger Iron also believes that some of the most innovative investment strategies are often pioneered by new or under the radar teams that have yet to be recognized. We are frequently hunting for unique managers that we believe have the potential to become leaders in the industry.


Fostering Deep Relationships with Venture Firms

We understand that venture is a people business and goes far beyond simple capital flows. We invest in people as much as we do in their strategy, vision, and track record. In that regard, we consider our venture managers to be our peers and we strive to build deep, mutually beneficial partnerships that transcend the historical norms of limited partner/general partner relationships.   

As an investor across the entire venture spectrum, we have a unique industry vantage point that can generate meaningful insights that we openly share with our venture managers. In breaking historical standards, we engage our managers with a great deal of transparency and accessibility, much like we do with our own limited partners.


Crafting Collaborative Partnerships

We are highly collaborative with our managers and strive to be true partners with them. In doing so, we work hard to be supportive and provide mentorship on best practices wherever it may be valuable. We also openly facilitate introductions upstream and downstream across our diverse network of investors, venture relationships and entrepreneurs.

Smaller venture managers can often become constrained in their ability to “lean in” on their best investments as companies mature and graduate beyond the scale of the managers’ existing pool of capital. As a co-investment partner, Tiger Iron can be a source of follow-on capital -- thereby providing managers with additional resources whenever it may be appropriate. 


Dependable Source of Capital

In an ever-changing industry with many participants, Tiger Iron Capital is seen as a stable source of patient, long-term capital coupled with deep sector expertise. In contrast, many institutional investors focus on a myriad of asset classes and their commitment to venture can oscillate. Others are often seen as “tourists” and go in and out of the asset class as market conditions vary.  We are fortunate to have institutional limited partners that share our commitment and long-term vision for the asset class.